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Australia's 1st organically accredited honey company 

At Ambrosia, we are passionate about honey. Pure and natural.

So keen were we to produce a lovely wholesome honey that Ambrosia was the first Australian company to seek and gain organic certification for the production of its honey some 25 or so years ago.

When it’s produced in accordance with organic principles we can be satisfied that it is as pristine as it can be. We love how it is always a little bit different from one batch to the next, and its varying shades and tastes and textures.

Enjoy our Raw Organic Honey, which has not been heated, for a taste as natural as we can get it.

If you prefer your honey runnier, go for our Organic Honey which has been heated up to 45 degrees to maintain its clarity.



What is "cold extraction" and is Ambrosia's honey cold extracted?

Lately, we've been getting a few questions about our honey.

Questions like "do you cold extract your honey?" and "how much sugar do you add to your honey?"

Well, we do "cold extract" our honey; that means it is taken from the hives and out of the frames with no heat applied. Applying heat makes the honey runnier and easier to extract. 

Our raw honey has no heat applied at all....we need a special very old fashioned bottler to place the thick, candying honey into jars. This way, the honey stays as natural as we can get it.

Our organic honey is cold extracted. Because it candies quickly, it needs to be heated to liquify it for bottling. Heating is limited to up to 45 degrees Celcius - less than the temperature the hive generates in summer. 

..and no, we do not add sugar or anything to our honey. Our commitment is to give you a honey as natural as it can be.  Straight from the hive to you.


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Organic Honey

Organic Honey


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